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What Is Sedation Dentistry?

At PURE Oral Surgery, our caring team realizes that many patients feel anxious or fearful about undergoing dental procedures. While we always strive to take a gentle approach to care, our skilled practitioners are pleased to offer sedation dentistry options to help teens and adults in the DFW area feel safe and comforted when receiving oral surgery services. Sedation dentistry at our Dallas, TX practice locations can address mild to more severe dental anxiety and may be recommended according to your level of anxiety and the type of procedure being performed. If you or a loved one have been putting off treatment due to dental anxiety or fear, we invite you to meet with our team to learn how sedation dentistry can help make your experience more comfortable, pleasant, and stress-free.

Sedation Options

Our oral surgeons are expertly trained and qualified to offer the following options of sedation dentistry to Dallas, TX patients:

  • Oral-conscious sedation utilizes a prescription medication to help reduce stress and anxiety before and during your dental procedure.
  • Intravenous (IV) sedation is administered directly into your vein to help you feel deeply relaxed and calm throughout your treatment process.
  • Local anesthesia is used to numb the treatment area and may be administered in conjunction with other sedation options to increase your comfort when undergoing oral surgery care.

Is Sedation Dentistry Right for You?

Adults and children who experience dental fear, anxiety, or phobias may all be good candidates for sedation dentistry. Many patients suffer dental fear over the need for multiple or extensive procedures, distressing dental visits as children, tooth or gum sensitivity, and a wide range of other circumstances. If you feel anxious when visiting the dentist or even at the mere thought of undergoing dental procedures, then sedation may be right for you. A member of our experienced team will talk with you during your visit to explain the sedation choices available at PURE Oral Surgery and help you select the right option for your needs, procedure, and level of anxiety.

What to Expect With Sedation

The process for sedation dentistry will differ based on the type of sedation you receive. Oral-conscious sedation is carried out by prescribing an anti-anxiety medication, which is taken by mouth about an hour before your appointment. With this method, you should feel calm and relaxed but will remain conscious throughout your visit. IV sedation is administered into your bloodstream before the procedure and will place you into a deeply relaxed state. Though you will technically remain conscious while under IV sedation, you will likely remember very little about your procedure. Local anesthesia may be used in combination with oral or IV sedation and will numb the teeth, gums, and nerves in the designated area for greater treatment comfort.

After Your Visit

Before administering any form of sedation dentistry, our PURE Oral Surgery team will talk with you about what you can expect following the procedure. You may need to have a friend or family member escort you home after the appointment, depending on the type of sedation you receive. Following sedation dentistry services, we strongly recommend that you rest, hydrate, and take it easy. It's common to feel tired and lethargic for the remainder of the day, but these effects usually subside within 24 hours.

pure's commitment to you

Insurance coverage for sedation dentistry services may vary among carriers. A member of our billing team will consult your insurance company ahead of time to review your benefits and determine if there may be any out-of-pocket costs. PURE Oral Surgery accepts a variety of insurance plans and payment methods. 

Ease Dental Fear and Anxiety

We believe you and your loved ones should not have to suffer from fear or nervousness to maintain optimal oral health. By choosing sedation dentistry at PURE Oral Surgery, your path to a healthy, beautiful smile can be a pleasant and peaceful experience. For detailed information on sedation dentistry costs, options, or other details, contact one of our Dallas, TX practice locations and schedule your consultation.

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