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What Are Dental Implants?

When teeth need to be extracted or replaced, seeking a viable tooth replacement solution may be essential to the total health and look of your smile. To enable individuals to effectively overcome tooth loss, the experts at PURE Oral Surgery are proud to offer dental implants for tooth replacement. A dental implant consists of a biocompatible metal screw that fuses with the jaw and functions as a substitute tooth root. A custom crown, bridge, or denture is then attached to the implant(s) and serves as the visible part of the lost tooth (or teeth). Visiting an oral surgeon for dental implant placement can help produce the most favorable results for your smile and oral health. If you are living with missing teeth or need to have a tooth removed, we invite you to schedule an oral exam at PURE Oral Surgery in Dallas, TX and discover if dental implants are an ideal option for you.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Restoring your smile with dental implants can enable you to continue enjoying the best quality of life after tooth loss, or offer life changing results after suffering with missing teeth or poor fitting dentures. Dental implants are commonly preferred over other missing teeth options for the extensive range of health benefits they offer as effective tooth replacements for patients.

As effective tooth replacements for patients in Dallas, TX, dental implants:

  • Provide a long-term tooth replacement option
  • Allow for the intake of a varied diet
  • Function much like real teeth in ability and visual appeal
  • Offer enhanced chewing strength and biting power
  • Do not rely upon adjacent teeth to stay in position
  • Integrate with the bone tissues to help preserve jawbone health and function
  • Help improve your self-confidence when smiling and conversing with others

Are Dental Implants Right for Me?

One of the benefits of dental implants is their ability to replace damaged or missing teeth in any amount, ranging from one tooth to a whole arch. You may be a good candidate for implants if you suffer from missing teeth, need extractions, or have issues with your present tooth replacement. To be effective, implants require adequate jawbone support, healthy gums, and good general health. In some cases, patients may require bone grafting or other preparatory treatments to enable implant placement. Patients who are pregnant, use tobacco, or have certain medical issues may not be good candidates for implants. During your first visit one of the skilled implant dentists will perform an oral examine to determine if implants are the best option for you. We look forward to providing you with the best periodontal services and affordable dental implants in Dallas and Ft. Worth.

What Is the Treatment Process?

The process for dental implants begins with the careful placement of the implant posts. Our experienced oral surgeons will use 3D digital imaging and refined techniques to plan and perform your dental implant procedure. As soon as your mouth is prepared for surgery, our team will numb the treatment area with local anesthesia. Oral-conscious or IV sedation services might also be utilized to help you feel more at ease throughout your visit. The fixed screw will be precisely positioned within your jawbone at a specific location, and your gums will be sutured to encourage proper healing. Your implants will then be given a few months to fuse with the bone via a process known as osseointegration.

What can I expect After Dental Implant Placement?

It's common to experience some swelling, bruising, and discomfort for a few days following implant surgery. Prescription or nonprescription pain medicine and cool compresses may be recommended to enhance your post-procedure comfort. When the treatment area has healed, our in-house restorative dentist (no referral required) with your restorative dentist who will place a custom crown, bridge, or full-arch restoration to complete your tooth replacement procedure. Once the metal post has integrated with the jawbone and your custom restoration is attached, it's crucial to follow a good oral health regimen that includes daily brushing and flossing and regular dental checkups.

PURE's Commitment to You

Depending on your insurance plan, a portion of your dental implant surgery or restoration might be covered by insurance. A member of our office team will reach out to your insurer to help you get the most from your plan prior to determining any personal costs. At PURE Oral Surgery, we strive to help you attain comprehensive care for your dental health and accept an array of accessible payment alternatives. Talk with our friendly team today to learn about our convenient and flexible payment plan options.

Long-term Tooth Replacement

We understand that losing a tooth is never easy. But thanks to progress made in modern technology, dental implants offer a way to treat missing adult teeth with lifelike function and appearance. The PURE team is thrilled to offer long-term tooth replacement with dental implants to our patients in Dallas and Ft. Worth. To learn about dental implant cost, additional benefits, or your candidacy for this option, please contact one of our PURE Oral Surgery locations and schedule your consultation.

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