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Bone Grafting in Dallas, TX

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What Is Bone Grafting?

Jawbone health plays a vital role in the overall wellness of your teeth, gums, and oral function, and even in the success of dental implants. When bone loss in the jaw occurs from periodontal disease or other conditions, a bone graft may be required to provide proper support for surrounding teeth or a dental implant. Bone grafting is a specialized surgical procedure commonly performed at PURE Oral Surgery in Dallas, TX to augment and rebuild the jawbone until it's healthy enough to hold a dental implant. As a long-term tooth replacement option, implants are often desired to replace missing or severely damaged teeth; however, they do need a certain amount of quality bone to best serve a patient's tooth replacement needs. If you have bone loss in your jaw, schedule a consultation at one of our practices in the DFW area to learn more about the benefits of bone graft surgery.

Do I Need a Bone Graft?

You may be a good candidate for a dental bone graft if your jawbone density has been depleted due to gum disease, physical injury or trauma, or the loss of natural teeth. Atrophy in the jawbone can occur when one or more teeth have been lost, creating an indentation in the jaw. Bone grafting strengthens and prepares the jaw for tooth replacement with a dental implant, which functions to serve much like a natural tooth. When you visit PURE Oral Surgery for a consultation, our bone grafting experts can review your condition, goals, and treatment needs and help you determine if bone augmentation is an ideal option for you.

What To Expect With Bone Grafting

When it comes to strengthening your jaw with a bone graft, visiting a skilled oral surgeon in Dallas, TX can offer the best possible outcome for your oral health. Our surgeons take a personalized approach to planning and performing your bone graft and use advanced 3D oral imaging to facilitate the process. The steps of your bone grafting procedure will vary based on where the graft material comes from and how much grafting is needed. Bone graft procedures are generally performed in one of the following ways:

  • Autografts utilize bone grafting samples taken from your own body, such as from your hip, chin, or shin.
  • Allografts harvest healthy bone from another person, which is generally processed in a dedicated bone bank.
  • Xenografts use animal-derived bone, most often a bovine source (cow).
  • Alloplast is a synthetic bone graft that is biocompatible with the human body.

As soon as your bone graft is ready to be placed, our team will numb the treatment area and make an incision through the gums to reveal the bone. The bone graft will be attached to your jawbone, along with proteins, collagen, and additional factors that encourage tissue regeneration. Sutures will be placed, and your jaw will be given time to recover.

After a Dental Bone Graft

Our surgeons may prescribe pain medication or suggest placing cool compresses against the face to enhance your comfort and minimize any swelling as you recover. Over the next several months, your bone graft should heal and integrate with your existing jawbone. Within this timeframe, it's critical to maintain good oral care, including flossing, brushing, and routine dental checkups. Follow-up visits at our Dallas, TX facility may be scheduled so that we can monitor your progress and determine when your mouth is ready for dental implant placement.

pure's Commitment to You

Bone grafting for dental needs may be covered in part by some dental insurance plans. Prior to your procedure, our treatment coordinator will talk to your dental insurance company to determine your coverage amounts and any financial responsibilities. PURE Oral Surgery is dedicated to providing affordable treatment options and convenient payment solutions to help you get the care needed for optimal oral health.

Strengthen Jawbone Health

With bone grafting solutions, you may be able to build up your jawbone so it can support both your teeth and future dental implants. The caring team at PURE Oral Surgery is proud to offer dental bone grafts to treat bone loss around the teeth and help Dallas, TX patients enjoy better oral health and function. To learn about bone graft cost, additional benefits, or to reserve your consultation, please contact one of our DFW area practices today!

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